Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Issues with Time"

This weekend's tune is "Issues with Time." I don't recall the origins of the song at all. There is a lyric, however, that reminds me of an old college girlfriend, and "Issues" may or may not have anything to do with her. Hard to say. The lyric is "I've bent down crippled / trying to raise a sun..." and my girlfriend's last name was Sunner. So, there may be a connection; they're may not be.

Chord-wise, like too many of my originals, this one is probably unnecessarily complicated. I have no idea what the two chords are over the verse--probably some kind of B and A, but of a jazz nature. The rest isn't a secret although the timing might be. It usually is. If I recall, during the breakdown my old drummer used to play in 4, knowing the guitars were not in 4, and somehow when the music returned to the lyrics, we were all back where we needed to be. Polyrhythms, baby.


i’m lost—all in your eyes
they’re  such—sweet disguise
i’m lost—all in your mind
you see only color blind

when i look at you—something strange over my body
another body left behind
i turn around to find you—sitting on a park bench right there
with the cigarettes and wine

in time—i will see your eyes, see through your lies
in time—should I forget your name…
each time—that i forget your name…
in time—should I forget your name
each time—that i forget your name

i’ve bent down crippled—trying to raise a sun
she’s been a bloody yellow one
and she says—that she don’t want to shine
she would rather be left to dry

but i can’t carry her—i am but a man
i have no reality but what i see
and i can see the faces of people come and gone
every face has something gone


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