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$15 Olduvai Theory (Toad Hall Press, 2011), Winner of the 2011 Toad Hall Press Chapbook Prize, signed copy. Sample Poems

From the dawn of history to the end of time, Damon McLaughlin’s ecstatic jeremiads and coruscating haiku-like lyrics trace the trajectory of civilization across cosmic Big Bang, Pangean pea soup, eons-long bebop to the extravagant hopes and daily despair of our own American good-night. “I don’t know if this is/our first sun dance or our last,” the poet warns, “but the drums are coming./They’re coming, and a new mutilation will begin.” These are urgent poems for our darkly emergent times.  --L. S. Asekoff

$16 Exchanging Lives (Backwaters Press, 2008) signed copy. Sample poems

“What rushed into us changed us,” “What illuminates disintegrates simultaneously”: These are the themes continually tested in Damon McLaughlin’s book, in poems sung with the slow cadences of the blues, set in the natural world & infused with metaphors so sensual & evocative they create their own metaphysics.  -- Steve Orlen, author: The Elephant's Child: Selected Poems 1978-2005

Music from Red Star Rebellion
Damon McLaughlin - Vocals, Guitar. Corey Ellison - Guitar. Aaron Ekstrom - Bass

RSR Live From brewd 1.28.12


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