Sunday, March 16, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse

"Zombie Apocalypse" has very little to do with zombies. Really it's about any paranoia, any myth of fear under which we attempt to umbrella our lives. I think there's no secret to the advent of zombies and end-of-times movies, books, tv shows in the last decade or so. Apparently there's also no lack of related songs.

The tune itself is new. It was conceived as a jam song, so it really would be best with electric, full-band, nice extended jam in the middle. But a single acoustic gets the idea across. Probably it's yet in draft form.

Lyrically I don't have much to say about it except I like the "they" in the song. It's so ambiguous. It's "them," you know? Them. And the they changes. They/them could be understood to change, anyway. When I jotted them down, I didn't think about it.


They say it's getting closer
It's feeling pretty scary
It's almost 'cross the river
It's feeling pretty heavy

C'mon, I think it's time we get on outta here
You know we've gotta get our shit together
We are supposed to meet them at the rendezvous
Yeah, yeah -- at the rendezous

Look at all these people
They're clogging up the highway
Don't look in the mirror
You're never going to make it

Images are closer than they appear
Everywhere I look they're closer closer closer
Do you think they'll ever make it to the rendezvous
Yeah, yeah -- the rendezvous

The truth is what you make it
We're always on our own
I've got a funny feeling
We're not in Kansas anymore

(rendition of the chorus)

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