Monday, February 17, 2014

You know my name...

So, my first musical selection, "You Know My Name," comes from Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame. And of his own fame in his own right. The tune was the theme to the last James Bond Film, Skyfall.

I've played a few Cornell/Soundgarden songs in the past. Often I don't care for his solo work quite as much. It's a bit too pop at times, even a little cheesy maybe (I'm thinking "Sunshower," for example). I'm more of a Badmotorfinger fan.

Anyway, my wife suggested my last band learn this, but we never got around to it. I think this iphone recorded version turned out just fine. The opening vocal is a bit flat, but you know--my guitar was probably out of tune anyway. As it is, I'm not trying to emulate Cornell (but you can find plenty of that garbage on YouTube). Just trying to play his cool song in my own way.

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